When TLG came to visit…

During the summer, the lovely Alice Muir, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TLG, came to visit my studio in Fort William to interview me for the Magazine. To be honest, I was pretty nervous and was running around co-ordinating hair, make-up and styling, whilst also making copious cups of tea for the team.

In true Highland style, the midges were unbearable and there was a thunder storm half way through the day. Despite this, Kirsteen managed to shoot some fabulous pictures of Rachel, who coped amazingly well trampling through nettles and thistles in ridiculously high heels. I styled the scarves with country and high fashion clothing, and also some old gansey jumpers’ hand knitted by my mum when she had her own cottage industry ‘In Sheeps Clothing’. I wanted the shoot to capture the essence of the Jennifer Boulton Designs brand, which is unique, quirky and an alternative to mainstream fashion.

Alice interviewed me in the studio whilst the team were getting organised for the shoot, and it’s safe to say, after my initial nerves, Alice almost ran out of tape! It was a great day all round and I must say a big thanks to Rachel, Gemma, Karen, Kirsteen and Alice for all their hard work.

Bog Myrtle lotion from The Highland Soap Company made the midges slightly easier to cope with, and the thunderstorm? Well, it was time for a tea break anyway…

TLG is available to read online now, where you can see the two page spread on Jennifer Boulton Designs.

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